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Metal Web Joists

Metal-web joists share the same basic elements as trussed rafters - timber structural members joined with pressed-steel nail-plates to create a rigid supporting frame. Not surprisingly then, many of the UK’s manufacturers of metal-web joists are also trussed rafter manufacturers.

Metal-web floor joists have long been used in the UK construction industry and are continually growing in popularity both with architects and housebuilders alike. 

The product delivers ease of access for services, allowing wiring, plumbing and ducting to be accommodated under the floor without the need to cut or drill holes in the joist. With the increasing specification of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems adding to the services occupying the floor zone, metal web joists look set to continue growing in popularity for many years to come.

Picture Courtesy of MiTek Industries Ltd

With metal-web joists, not only can the floor span further than with conventional joisting methods, but the speed of installation both of the floor itself and the subsequent services in the floor zone is much faster.

Metal-web joists also have many applications outside of the residential housing market. Their high strength-to-weight ratio means that clear spans of up to 7m are achievable making these joists ideal for use in larger commercial, educational and municipal buildings.

For the customer, the ability to source both roof and floor structures from the same supplier has economic benefits and helps streamline the supply chain.

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