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Why Choose Trussed Rafters?

Trussed rafters are individually designed components made from kiln-dried, strength-graded timber joined together with steel nailplates. They provide a structural framework to support the roof fabric, ceilings and /or floors.

Trussed rafters can be used on a wide range of building types including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. Although most commonly used for domestic housing they are increasingly chosen for commercial and industrial buildings such as offices, shops, hotels and leisure centres.

Trussed rafters stand out as a sophisticated and highly-engineered product, with superior fabrication underpinned by high production standards. They are more flexible and more cost effective than many other methods of roof construction.

Trussed rafters - a versatile solution

Trussed rafters play an increasingly important role in small to medium sizes commercial buildings such as hotels, schools, supermarkets etc. Architectural preference for pitched roofs, the ability to produce long spans, and the fact that they can be used on timber frame, masonry and steel framed buildings increasingly means that trussed rafters provide an ideal solution to roofing commercial buildings.




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